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Welcome Letter

Dear Parents, Friends and Colleagues:
Welcome to the Coachella Valley Autism Society of America! We are a chapter of the Autism Society of America and are here to help you become educated about autism spectrum disorder, network with other parents and professionals, and realize you are not alone in your search for answers and support. WE EXIST FOR YOU!

Our membership includes family members, educators, professionals and other individuals interested in autism. The children with autism in our group range in age from toddlers to adults and represent all aspects of the autism spectrum. Our members live in every city in the Coachella Valley and beyond and reflect many different backgrounds and lifestyles.

The one common bond that we share is our love and commitment for these individuals with autism. As parents, we have experienced the pain of being told that our child is autistic. The fear and confusion can be devastating. The impact of this diagnosis on our lives can seem overwhelming. But through our affiliation with C.V.A.S.A we have been able to share information about services, therapies, educational programs and other resources. Most importantly, we offer each other a source of emotional support, friendship and camaraderie.

We want to offer you this beacon of hope. Our autistic children are doing better than we could have imagined when we first got the diagnosis. By educating ourselves, we have learned to focus on our children's strengths and help them reach their full potential. We encourage you to be an active participant in your child's development and future. If you are a parent, become your child's strongest advocate. If you are a professional, learn as much as you can about autism, give assistance to those who need it, and always be open to new ideas and suggestions.

We would like to help you in any way that we can. Call us if you would like information about autism and resources or to just talk and share feelings with someone who has been there. Visit our Family Resource Center. Explore our website and take the time to browse through the information we've provided for you. Email us about any questions you may have. Join us at our parent informational meetings and family social events. Most importantly, become a member of C.V.A.S.A. today!

What is Autism?- Quick answers to frequently asked questions.


Services Offered

Monthly Parent Support Meetings
The 2nd Thursday of each month. Held at Pump It Up, in Indio. We schedule speakers on all topics relating to autism. Limited childcare is available. Call to reserve space for you and your child, (760) 772-1000

Resource Library
We have hundreds of books, articles, and videos on Autism and Asperger Syndrome available for the public to check out. Our Resource Library is located at 77564 Country Club, Ste 228, Palm Desert. Resource Library hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM – 2 PM, Wednesdays 10 AM – 1:00 PM.

Up to Date Information
Learn about autism, and see our upcoming events at

Home Visit Program
Get connected with another parent who might share a similar experience with you.

Parent-to-Parent Network
Our trained representative will come to your home to advise you on how you may want to move forward in getting your child services.

Information Packets
We will send out an Information Packet to anyone in the community who would like more information on autism.

Special Events
We offer various recreational events such as holiday parties, picnics, pool parties, and movie days; art and dance classes offered through our Very Special Arts program; and special classes for parents and professionals offered through our Saturday Series workshops.

Law Enforcement Training
CVASA provides educational videos, designed for Law Enforcement agencies, to help officers understand and respond to people with autism.

For more information please call our Resource Center at (760) 772-1000, or email [email protected].

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