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Did you know that the Coachella Valey Autism Society has its own

Famly Resource Center?
The Resource Center is a lending library at CVASA 77564 Country Club, Suite 228, Palm Desert, California 92255-1052  
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cvasa mapWe have books, DVDs, magazines, and videos available for public checkout. There are hundreds of books, videotapes, periodicals, newspaper articles, and pamphlets all with specific information about autism, as well as sensory integration therapy materials

To take advantage of this wonderful resource, you may enter any time during for Foundation's regular business hours, or call the number below o arrange to have a CVASA board member meet you at the library for personal orientation!

Summer hours are:
Tuesday and Thursday 10 AM - 12 PM.

Regular hours are:
Tues 10 AM - 2 PM, Wed 10 AM -1:30 PM, and Thursday 10 AM- 2 PM.

(760) 772-1000

Download: CVASA Family Resource Guide

Autism FAQ's - Quick answers to frequently asked questions.

  • 1 in 150 births
  • 1 to 1.5 million Americans
  • Fastest-growing developmental disability
  • 10 - 17 % annual growth
  • Growth comparison during the 1990s:
    • U.S. population increase: 13%
    • Disabilities increase: 16%
    • Autism increase: 172%
  • $90 billion annual cost
  • 90% of costs are in adult services
  • Cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention
  • In 10 years, the annual cost will be $200-400 billion
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Autism Books
This is only a sampling of new books received. There are many more not listed here.

An OT and SLP Team Approach
Answers to Questions: Teachers Ask About Sensory Integration
Asperger's Syndrome and Adolescence
Apserger's Syndrome and Difficult Moments
Asperger's Syndrome: Teacher’s Guide
Asperger's and Self-Esteem
Asperger's, Huh?
Asperger's Syndrome by T. Attwood
What Does it Mean to Me?
Asperger's and Sexuality
Autism/Asperger's: Solving the Relationship Puzzle
Autism Through a Sister's Eyes
Creating a Win-Win IEP for Students with Autism
Do Watch Listen Say
Flash Pro-2 (CD ROM)
How to be a Para Pro
Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students w/Autism
Inclusive Programming for Middle School Students w/Autism
Just This Side of Normal

Legendary Blobshock
Laughing and Loving w/Autism
More Laughing & Loving w/Autism
Much More Laughing & Loving
Taking the Mystery Out of Medications in Autism
Teachers Ask about Sensory (audio tape)
Treasure Chest
There’s a Boy in Here
Too Safe for Strangers
Too Smart for Bullies
Trevor Trevor
Writing Social Stories (VHS Video)
T. Grandin (DVD)
Keys to Success
Taking Care of Myself
My Friend with Autism
Social Skills Picture Book
I Need Help with School
Who Took My Shoe
Just Take a Bite
Teaching Social Skills Through Acting
Beyond the Wall
Sixth Sense II

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CVASA is now an affiliate of Future Horizons. Customers are given a 20% to 40% discount on books purchased through this link on our web site.

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